New production facilities were put into operation

New production facilities were put into operation

More than 600 m2 of new production facilities have been put into operation at ZNTC.

The modernized production facility provides the ability to assemble 50,000 ICs per month and gives domestic enterprises access to such technologies as 3D-integration of multichip modules, assembly of power and microwave electronics based on gallium nitride, as well as integrated photonics for communication systems. The 3D assembly technology gives the opportunity to reduce the dimensions of microcircuits and improve technical characteristics of SiP.

ZNTC is going to implement the following technologies:
  • flip-chip 3D assembly, 3D TSV;
  • solving unique problems and testing assembly technologies;
  • multilevel assembly with maximum welding accuracy and minimum size of contact pads;
  • assembly in BGA-packages with contact pads under the surface of the crystal, 10,000 or more contacts are possible.
Zelenograd Nanocenter provides a turnkey manufacture of electronic modules.

3D modeling and prototyping of packages allow reducing the cost of design development and quickly choosing the best package for full-scale production.

«ZNTC specialists help small enterprises, start-ups, students to optimize design solutions, to manufacture prototypes and pilot batches of their products. Zelenograd Nanocenter not only co-finances projects and provides a manufacturing line, but also helps companies to enter the market,», - said Anatoly Kovalev, the General Director of ZNTC.

We are open for cooperation and are ready to implement your ideas! Send a request to sales@zntc.ru and receive more detailed information.